What is the Centricity Partner Program?

A company-level recognition combined with comprehensive benefits for organizations that complement Virence Health solutions.

Why become a partner?

It recognizes your company's commitment to complementing Virence Health solutions and lets you tap into an expanding array of marketing, technical, software testing and support benefits.

How does the program work?

First, you submit an application to become a partner. After you're approved, your company can participate at one of four levels of partnership. The program rewards your commitment and contributions by providing you with progressively valuable benefits.

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Partners can apply for specific program tracks, including:
  • Care Delivery Management
  • Financial Management
  • Workforce Management
  • Levels of Partnership

    Your company can participate at one of the four different levels of partnership:

    Core Benefits
    Global Strategic
    Technical support

    You get easy access to resources through our online service portal.

    Listing on virencehealth.com

    Your logo, company description and website link will be included on the Virence website to help drive customers and prospects to your business.

    Recognition by level

    Recognition by level

    Recognition by level

    Recognition by level

    Demand generation

    You can be included in regular marketing campaigns, such as webcasts, email campaigns and events, to generate
    demand for products and services.

    Marketing toolkit

    You can use the Virence brand, including Centricity partner logo and guidelines,
    for appropriate use in marketing communications, literature, business
    cards and online materials.

    Discounted software for test

    You get access to discounted software to test Virence digital solutions.


    Our comprehensive online training keeps your sales and technical staff up-to-date with the information and skills they need to be successful.


    We offer a discount for participating in the Virence Health Customer Summit, Virence’s annual customer event, as a sponsor.

    Centricity Partner List



    Phreesia Intake Management v16.13
    Phreesia-CPS Integration Package v4.11


    Phreesia'™s leading patient intake management platform leverages the power of self-service to provide a modern, consistent patient experience, while enabling healthcare organizations of all sizes to optimize their staffing and enhance clinical care. Streamline your front office, engage your patients and position your organization for success with Phreesia.



    CareNotify & CareNarrative


    HealthGrid's CareNotify & CareNarrative (version. provides GE CPS customers with pre and post-care engagement. Prior to a visit, HealthGrid provides Digital Check-In which includes demographic collection, e-signature and copay and outstanding balance collection. Post-visit, HealthGrid will present the post-visit clinical summary and education to patients.



    CheckinAsyst 6.2


    HealthAsyst provides self-service patient check-in and intelligent digital forms solution for GE™s Centricity Practice Solution (CPS) and Centricity Group Management product suites.

    This next-generation solution, CheckinAsyst, is a powerful and intuitive tool designed to interact with and collect data from patients including e-signed consent forms and clinical history. Equipped with a robust bi-directional interface with GE systems, CheckinAsyst improves patient outcomes and experience, enhances workflows to improve clinical efficiency, and drives down costs while accelerating revenue for your practice.




    At SwervePay, our goal is to make the patient payment process more streamlined, more automated and as patient-friendly as possible. Using our innovative Text-to-Pay solution, healthcare can use automation to accelerate the patient payment cycle, while reducing administrative overhead with our auto-posting capabilities. Our solution enables friction-less payments from a patient?s phone, the providers website, or on demand all with no login, no password and no app.

    • Patient payments
    • Automated payment requests by text
    • Card on file
    • Payment plans
    • Ticket level payment posting
    • Point of care solution
    • Website payments



    Cloud Communications R20.SP1


    Masergy'™s Cloud-based Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) gives healthcare organizations immediate and secure access to the communications tools they need to support improved workforce and partner collaboration. This can have a direct impact on patient care, employee productivity, and revenue. By moving to the cloud, customers eliminate the need for on- premise equipment, software licenses, and capital expenses.



    Updox version 2016.0


    Updox provides a comprehensive communication and patient engagement suite designed to open new revenue streams, achieve ONC compliance, and improve patient satisfaction. Updox is a subscription based service that empowers practices by eliminating the manual process and streamlining administrative workflows.



    Medfusion Patient Portal Version 10.16.2004, Integration component build number 16.2.0003


    A full-featured patient portal that improves patient-provider communications,securely shares clinical information and saves practices time and money. Combine that with a robust patient payment suite that enables anytime, anywhere patient bill payments and a free mobile app that consolidates all patient records across practice and EHR boundaries.

    Clinical Forge


    Clinical Forge 1


    Clinical Forge is a web-based service which enables you to easily create clinical content. Save time and enjoy building form components using a true drag and drop layout system. Preview and modify the chart note with an intuitive chart note builder.

    TriNet Medical


    SRX 3.2


    TriNet SRX solution allows you to scan 1D or 2D Barcodes on vaccines, medications or medical supplies to automate and facilitate capture of data, such as NDC, Lot Numbers etc. in GE Centricity EMR/CPS forms. This data capture process does not impact existing process workflow allowing easy integrations and user acceptance. It increases practice productivity and accuracy of patient data. In addition, SRX also provides inventory tracking and real-time reporting.



    CareFinity 3


    Securely access stored patient information from any device, including mobile devices, whether the EHR is available or not. See schedule information, and all patient clinical information including scanned images, notes, labs and other documents. Document visits in real time and the system will put the note back into the patient's chart in the EHR when it becomes available. Or use CareFinity to archive records while still having read access to the clinical data.



    Odoro CPS Integration Agent v2.4.1 Odoro CB Integration Agent v1.2.5


    All of Odoro's offerings including our Online, Patient Portal and IVR based self-scheduling solutions, integrate seamlessly with Centricity™ Practice Solution and Centricity™ Business. Odoro's patient scheduling solutions optimize health systems' and practices' scheduling flows by improving provider matching, patient access and resource utilization across all their scheduling platforms. Odoro offers solutions for everything, from multichannel self-scheduling to access center management. By combining the accessibility of multi-platform scheduling with superior patient-provider matching technology, Odoro provides complete scheduling solutions that benefit both patients and health organizations.

    Orthopaedics NorthEast/DataDrivers


    Contract Payment Manager (CPM) Version 1.0


    A product specifically created to monitor provider/payer contracts to identify underpayments from insurers to providers using data in Centricity Practice Solutions.



    PatientTrak Operational Software v20170320.1
    PatientTrak Online Reputation Management Software v20170320.1


    PatientTrak's cloud-based visibility solutions including Visit Flow, Online Reputation and Patient Engagement are used by healthcare organizations to reduce wait times, build their brand, and improve patient satisfaction. PatientTrak helps staff track patients from door-to-discharge while improving process flow and staff efficiency. Post visit, PatientTrak sends automated satisfaction surveys, monitors online reviews and provides physician transparency. PatientTrak keeps patients connected to their healthcare provider through SMS text messaging.



    ezAccess - Version 4.0


    ezAccess is a 5 in 1 solution that provides platform to communicate between Patients, Providers, Clinic Staff and Referring Providers with workflows to make practice efficient and to reduce cost.
    ezReminder Version 4.0
    ezReminder is a solution to provide reminders via email, secure message, phone and text.
    ezBilling – Version 4.0
    ezBilling is solution to provide online payment and statement services.

    Vital Interaction™


    Automated Patient Interaction System v1.0


    Vital Interaction™'s Automated Patient Interaction System enables healthcare organizations to interact more effectively with their patients through technology in order to achieve high-quality, cost-effective patient care. Vital Interaction™ has developed a cost-effective, interactive, and easy-to-customize solution that strengthens the interaction between practice and patients. The Automated Patient Interaction System enables practices to connect with patients automatically and effectively using two-way email, short message service (SMS) and interactive voice response (IVR) communications.



    Online Bill Pay V1.0


    POS Online Bill Pay streamlines the process of taking patient payments. Patients can use the Guest Pay feature to view their current balance and pay their bill quickly without a username and password, or they can log in to view their statement and payment history, view and print receipts, create their own payment plans within practice parameters and of course make online payments. Since POS Online Bill Pay syncs with Centricity every night, balances and payments are always up to date in both systems. Office billing staff can also take advantage of many administrative features to streamline the process of taking payments. Automated payment plans can be created for any patient who is unable to pay their full balance. Once the reoccurring payments are set, payments are automatically deposited in the practice's bank account until the balance is paid.

    Simple Interact


    Simple Interact v4.117


    Simple Interact provides CPS and Centricity EMR customers with: Integrated HIPAA Compliant Patient Intake Forms, Online Reputation Management, Pre and Post-Care Patient Engagement, Automated Reminders, Waitlist Automation, and Patient Marketing. We are a one-stop cloud platform that addresses multiple Front Office Automation concerns aimed at reducing data entry time, speeding up workflow, increasing provider utilization, improving patient satisfaction, and increasing patient acquisition.



    Immslink Immunization Interface v.3.4


    The Immslink interface is an EHR integrated solution, used to report and receive immunization data to from state immunization information systems (IIS or registries). Through Immslink, providers are capable of real-time querying and bi-directional access of state and municipal Department of Health immunization registries to access patient immunization histories as well as to report administered vaccines to the state registry. In addition to fulfilling reporting compliance, Immslink capabilities significantly improve vaccine gap closures by providing clinicians with robust vaccination decision-making tools and forecasting algorithms based on the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) schedule. The Immslink immunization interface allows providers a view of a patient's complete immunization history, and an integrated forecaster to identify missed vaccines or opportunities to provide patients with more needed vaccines.



    Solutionreach Platform 70236


    Solutionreach Platform, the SaaS-based online product and/or services at www.solutionreach.com, known as the Solutionreach PlatformTM, SR PlatformTM, SR PremierTM, SR EliteTM,or SolutionreachTM, provided as a subscription service to Partner customers for patient relationship management services, including but not limited to appointment reminders, recall, online reputation management, care management, and other features.

    SR Conversations, the SaaS-based online product and/or services known as SR ConversationsTM provided as a subscription to Partner customers for 2-way conversational text messaging and related services; and SR Smart Reviews, the SaaS-based online product and/or services known as SR Smart ReviewsTM provided as a subscription to Partner customers for collecting and managing online feedback and reviews.



    Fluency Direct version 10.0.341 with Centricity Practice Solution 12.0


    M*Modal Fluency Direct: Front-End speech system that enables physicians of any medical specialty to efficiently and effectively capture the patient story directly in their GE Healthcare EHR using their voice. Integrated with GE Healthcare, M*Modal Fluency Direct leverages over 250,000 cloud-based voice profiles to deliver immediate value to joint clients from superior accuracy, advanced voice navigation and edit capabilities.

    Transcription Services - Finding the right technology and service fit for your practice requires flexibility and choice when and where it matters – in the hands of the physician. The M*Modal suite of solutions are purposely built to allow a physician to capture a quality clinical narrative quickly from virtually anywhere. Options include traditional phone and recorder services as well as smartphone applications and include the management platform for the administrative staff to stay informed and in control of the process.



    CareX v2.1


    ProviderTech has a software product called CareX v2.1 (CX2.1). CareX is a scalable patient outreach platform. CareX helps automate outreach such as appointment reminders using text, voice and email communications. The platform leverages a 2-way integration with GE Centricity Practice Solution to ensure appointment confirmations are updated and patient communications are available to view in Centricity Practice Solution.


    Version 2018R01


    SimplifiMed keeps customer schedule full while reducing call burden on customer's office staff and thrive in value-based care, MIPS/MACRA.
    • Improve quality scores: by nudging patients to schedule preventive/chronic care and helping them book the visit in less than 60 seconds-24/7.
    • Reduce no-shows: by reminding patients of upcoming visits and helping them confirm, cancel, or reschedule.

    SimplifiMed improves patients' response rate by over 60%. All the appointments and statuses are directly updated in Centricity Practice Solution.

    Tissue Analytics


    Version 2.1


    Tissue Analytics' core product is an EMR-integrated systems for imaging and remotely evaluating chronic wounds and other skin conditions. The system includes a mobile application, compatible with Android (5.0+) and iOS (10.3+), and a web application that allow clinicians to efficiently document and accurately track their patients' progress. Tissue Analytics (TA) v2.1+ has a seamless, bi- directional integration with the Centricity EMR (9.12). With this integration, clinicians can access real-time patient demographic data without manual entry and can send Tissue Analytics' wound and skin reports directly back into their patient's chart in CEMR with a click of a button.

    IM Your Doc


    Version Number iOS 5.8.4 and Android 4.6.3


    IM Your Doc is an instant messaging solution for healthcare professionals and patients. It is available in:
    • iOS native app (current release v5.8.4)
    • Android native app (current release v4.6.3) ?
    • Web-based messaging client and customer administrative portal



    Version 3.1


    The Update for Health solution from HealthBanks is a Private Practice eNewsletter system and Patient Survey module with Centricity integration. The solution has shown to significantly increase Patient Portal utilization as well as engagement with key practice objectives such as: increasing wellness visits, participation in events/seminars, and other valuable ancillary services. The solution includes: eNewsletter system with Centricity integration, online Management Portal with dashboard analytics, as well as an optional online Patient Survey Module



    Front-Office Engagement v2018-03-02.03


    RevSpring's Front-Office Engagement communications solutions provides cloud-based automated appointment reminder software proven to reduce no shows and optimize scheduling opportunities through intelligent, multi-channel patient engagement. We analyze patient demographics and behaviors to decide the best communication channels, times, and messages to inspire responses. Our bi-directional interface feeds confirmations, reschedules, cancellations, and other patient responses back into your Centricity system. With a secure, HITECH/HIPAA compliant integration to GE Centricity, our messaging platform sends automated texts, emails, phone calls, and mobile app notifications to your patients. Also available are No-Show messaging if a patient misses their appointment, Clinical Outreach messages, Patient Surveys, and on-demand Broadcast notifications for office closures or last minute provider schedule changes.




    Health iPASS creates better check-ins for better, faster collection of revenue. Through a full suite of products, Health iPASS collects patient responsibility pre-visit with appointment reminders, at the visit with patient check-in kiosks that enable card-on-file, and post-visit with e-statementing and residual balance collection. Practice workflows are streamlined, and patients enjoy a better check-in and payment experience.

    Luma Health


    Patient Engagement Platform version 2019R3


    Luma Health'™s Total Patient Engagement platform empowers leading healthcare providers to deliver personalized and engaging experiences across the entire patient journey. From intelligent scheduling capabilities to get more patients to healthcare more quickly, to targeted clinical messaging and secure conversations to drive better health outcomes, Luma Health provides simplicity and intelligence to boost patient-provider relationships for better health and better experiences. Providers leveraging the Luma Health platform have cut their no-shows in half, saved an average of 1,000 valuable staff hours a year, and improved patient satisfaction by nearly 20%. By optimizing the patient journey, Luma Health maximizes patient outcomes, increases top-line revenue growth, and drives better patient retention.


    COLLECTPlus™ integrates directly with the Centricity software and automates your entire patient pay billing and collection cycle. COLLECTPlus allows you to customize your billing and collection processes. The COLLECTPlus payment portal will enable you to store payment information, set up recurring or auto-payments. The COLLECTPlus program will increase your staff efficiency, reduce billing and collection costs, and improve cash recovery.




    Since 2010, InteliChart's innovation and development efforts have been devoted to patient and consumer engagement. Perfecting the patient experience is not a secondary effort for us — it's our exclusive focus. Over ten years and thousands of implementations, we've learned that successful engagement begins with understanding the dynamic needs of the patient as a consumer. That knowledge led us to develop the Healthy Outcomes® patient engagement platform that has multiple solutions - Patient Portal, Patient Intake, Patient Notify, Patient Survey and Patient Activate - working in unison to engage patients and healthcare consumers on their own terms. With Healthy Outcomes®, providers stay connected to their patients outside the visit with proactive, personal engagement that strengthens their brand, streamlines their workflows, and yields better patient outcomes.

    Relatient, Inc.


    KLAS rated #1 2020 in Patient Outreach


    Relatient, Inc., the 2020 KLAS Category Leader in Patient Outreach, is a SaaS-based patient-centered engagement company that utilizes a modern and mobile-first approach to improve patient and provider communication. On behalf of U.S. medical practices and health systems, Relatient engaged patients with more than 132 million messages in 2019. Relatient's platform integrates with over 85 practice management systems and electronic health databases to drive operational efficiency, appointments and reviews, reduce no-shows, speed patient payments, and improve patient satisfaction, all while supporting health and care quality initiatives.

    • Relatient is the single-source platform for integrated, patient engagement solutions include:
    • Patient Self-Scheduling & Waitlist
    • Appointment Reminders
    • No-Show Management
    • Recalls
    • Broadcast Messaging
    • Messenger Chat & Secure Messaging
    • Reputation Management & Visit surveys
    • Patient Intake
    • Patient Online Payments, Balance Messaging, & Payment Plans
    • Health Campaigns

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