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Data-Driven Workforce Management

Legacy Health is driving outcomes from the successful roll-out of standardized, integrated workforce management technology, Centricity™ Solutions for Workforce Management.

Optimized Staff Distribution

With a focus on an initiative that leveraged their electronic nurse scheduling system Centricity ShiftSelect®, VCU Health is realizing positive clinical outcomes and improved financial performance.


Better Labor Cost Containment

Managing labor costs is one of the biggest financial concerns for healthcare executives. Integrated workforce management solutions empower health systems to better manage premium labor costs, flex staff based on patient needs, leverage staff across the enterprise, and manage productivity proactively.

Boost Employee Engagement

An innovative workforce management strategy can ensure that staff have balanced, sustainable workloads, and a better work/life balance – two factors that have a big impact on voluntary turnover.

Improve Clinical Outcomes

Right staff, right patient, right time. By matching caregiver competencies with patient needs, health systems can elevate the patient experience, improve clinical metrics, and protect patient safety.


Staffing and Scheduling

Patient-centered staffing starts with a solution that ensures that shifts are filled based on meeting patient care needs and balancing budget constraints while also providing tools that allow staff to be a collaborative partner in the process.

Patient Classification

Provides the tools to use patient information from the EMR to make data-driven assignments and adjust staffing as needed for both the current and upcoming shift, resulting in staffing efficiencies that help contain costs and improve patient outcomes.

Time and Attendance

Designed for the unique complexities of healthcare, this solution delivers the ability to control overtime and other premium labor costs. Instantly view critical productivity data and make real-time adjustments that proactively impact cost control.

Human Resources and Payroll

Automates the management of critical employee information, including payroll funds and benefit administration with accuracy, legislative compliance, and transparency.

Workforce Analytics

Provides the vital information you need before, during, and after a shift; enabling improved decisions across the board. Actionable data makes it easy for you to know what’s working, what isn’t, and what you need to do to change it.

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